Here are a selection of testimonials from clients and colleagues I have had the pleasure of working with.

Jamie’s work with Clarify Copywriting has been exceptional. As a freelancer copywriter working on numerous outsourced projects as part of the Clarify Team he has always displayed the utmost professionalism when delivering a diverse array of content. His ability to not only adapt to the house-style of Clarify Copywriting and its clients’ businesses, but to also consistently match and exceed expectations is impressive.
A. Barradell
I worked with Jamie on a number of my key client projects, some of which were diverse and complex with the client’s needs being of a very technical nature - not the easiest content to write. Jamie always generated top quality content, understood what the client needed and went the extra mile to make sure that he over-delivered on my clients expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend or work with Jamie in the future as a truly talented Copywriter.
L. Webster
Jamie's attention to detail and complete understanding of what was required made him an excellent Copywriter and an absolute asset. His thorough investigation into the client's needs, as well as his knowledge of SEO meant he was a pleasure to work with as he made the jobs of myself and my team so much easier.
J. Short
Jamie is a fantastic Copywriter. He has the knowledge and eye for detail that all copywriters need - but also is confident to suggest changes and improvements outside of his remit if he feels it would benefit the piece. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Jamie's work.
R. Evans
Jamie was an exemplary Copywriter - highly organized and inspiring.
M. Jareño
It was a pleasure to work with Jamie. His ability to take a line of text and turn it into a fresh & relevant body of information was incredible.
M. Giles
Jamie was a highly effective Editor - editing a vast variety of articles in Film, TV, Radio and festivals.
S. Bassett
Jamie's standards were exemplary and the dedication he showed to ensuring the absolute best result for the client was second to none. He worked in a calm and professional manner at all times whilst meeting strict deadlines and under a considerable amount of pressure. Jamie has a wicked sense of humour and he was an absolute asset. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to any company in the future.
A. Taffs
Jamie is a wonderful Editor, when I worked with him he was extremely patient and focused. Now, working with him on an exclusive article for my project he continued to show how much he goes above and beyond in his work. Anyone who has the chance to work with him will walk away affected by his strong work ethic and enthusiastic personality.
S. Campbell