Marketing Your Business: Be More Than Capable

It is now easier than ever to locate contacts and suppliers in your industry who possess the capabilities you require. Google, Bing, Yahoo, other search engines and various social networks allow us to find the right people and research their capabilities and suitability – without even picking up a phone.

Your Capabilities

So, if you are solely banking on being capable and promoting your business with this common image – you are always going to find yourself fighting to get noticed.

You will find yourself consistently having to compete against all those other capable people and businesses who also market themselves as capable.

Of course, it is integral that you are capable. However, that’s not even the baseline any more, now that prospective clients can find 10 just as capable alternatives on Google, and in a matter of seconds.

Being More Than Capable

Fortunately, although there are thousands of people, perhaps millions, who are capable in your area of expertise, there is only one YOU.

  • You are unique
  • You have a unique set of life experiences
  • You have a unique personality
  • You have a unique way of solving problems
  • You have a unique set of contacts and resources

Focus on your unique value and you will be able to rise above your competitors and grow a successful business.

Create a great capable service, but then learn how to do it your own, unique way. Then the only place someone can get your unique service… is from you.

For assistance in creating a unique vision and unrivalled service message for your business, contact me now. 

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